Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Benefits of Truck Rentals

It’s been 3 months ago when my family have been thinking about transferring back to our home in the province. One of the reason why we are going back is because of the high rental costs here in Metro Manila where we are currently renting P30,000 a month. That’s a huge amount to pay considering that we no longer have the need to stay here for good. We have come up with the decision of living in the urban city of Manila before because we do need a place to stay to complete our studies. But now we’re all grown up, we are finding ways to cut costs and to earn a little which prompted us to sell our condo.

Since we are selling our present house, we need a means of transportation that can help us transfer our valuable possessions. For our lipat bahay, we are still thinking whether to buy a truck or rent one. I searched the internet about the benefits of hiring a truck and this is what I’ve found out:

Saves Money

Truck rental companies usually offer trucks in various sizes and capacities. Finding the best size that suits your needs will not only protect your items but also save you money.

Less Hassle

By using rental trucks, you’ll never be stressed of going back and forth from the old to the new house. Renting trucks of the right size will ensure you that the transport would be one time only which can save time and energy.

Insurance Policies

Some insurance policies for homeowner’s are also applicable while your items are on the process of transferring. But if it does not apply to your own insurance policy, some truck rental agencies offers insurance policies that fits your needs.

Lifting Accessories

Moving your things without any helpers is very difficult but in some cases, even if you do have some accomplices in transferring your items, you still can’t do it without using special equipment that is used for lifting. If you already hired a truck rental company, they do have accessories that can help you transfer items quickly and safely.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Anxiety and Excitement over Rented Lipat Bahay Trucks

Entrusting some of your things, or all your things, to a lipat bahay truck for rent during a move can make you anxious. There comes a fear that the appliances that you carefully packed might rumble as the rented lipat bahay truck takes them to your new house because the driver is a reckless and it’s too late to cancel the contract.

So how do you find a trustworthy lipat bahay truck for rent?

Keep a standard for yourself. You have been giving so much effort from the very beginning that you decided to buy a new home, so you would not want such efforts be wasted, right? Only go for service that is as promising as your vision and as provident as your past and future efforts.

Don’t let anxiety keep you from moving. Reduce the anxious feeling you have for moving by carefully picking a moving company with a good reputation. And of the wide pool of available lipat bahay truck for rent, choosing might be a bit confusing at first.

It is advisable for you to meet and know who the driver will be beforehand since it is him who will drive and carry your things all the way to your brand new home. In addition, check his driver’s license, unless, you want your rented lipat bahay truck for rent caught off guard at a checkpoint with the driver not having a license. This will surely cause trouble for your lipat bahay experience.

Check the vehicle’s condition as well. Though human error is considered to be the predominant factor of 90% in road accidents, there are still accidents that might be caused by technical malfunctions.

Keep an eye on the condition of the rented lipat bahay truck’s metal sidings. Since, your things and appliances would be kept inside the lipat bahay truck; it’s good if the truck’s metal sidings aren’t corroding; the walls won’t fall off and your items won’t be brushed with rust. Generally, there’s a need to check the lipat bahay truck’s overall condition. It’s for your stress-free lipat bahay experience.

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Since, moving into your brand new home is pretty exciting and anxiety inducing at the same time, it’s good to have a set or reservations and expectations. When you have decided to move into another home, it is better to clear up your mind first before taking any step forward and learn to trust your decision and your chosen lipat bahay truck for rent.